Seminars, Lectures and Outreach

Wesleyan 2022, colloquium. “The high-field path to fusion energy and the SPARC tokamak”, Physics Colloquium at Wesleyan University, September 29th 2022.

CPSFR 2022, lecture. Optimization projects for the advancement of fusion energy“, Computational Physics School for Fusion Research (CPS-FR), MIT, August 22nd 2022.

UPM 2022, outreach talk. “Fusion Energy at MIT: Smaller, Cheaper, Faster”, International Master program on Leadership in Engineering and Architecture by UPM and Rafael Del Pino Foundation, Cambridge (MA), July 11th 2022.

UNAM 2022, colloquium. The high-field path to fusion energy and the SPARC tokamak“, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (ICF-UNAM), June 1st 2022.

Caixa 2022, outreach talk. ¿Qué es la energía de fusión? ¿Puede convertirse en una fuente alternativa de energía en los próximos años?“, Becarios Knowledge Day, La Caixa, April 26th 2022.

PSFC 2022, outreach video. “Introduction to Fusion

UNLP 2021, seminar. “La promesa y los avances en energía de fusión en el MIT“. Seminar for Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina, October 15th 2021.

ETSII 2021, seminar. “Fusion Energy at MIT: Smaller, cheaper, faster“. Seminar for Nuclear Science and Technology graduate program and Erasmus-Mundus SARENA at ETSII-UPM, June 28th 2021.

ACES 2021, seminar. Energía de fusión en el MIT: promesas y retos“, Seminar for Association of Spanish Scientists in Sweden, June 16th 2021.

CU 2021, seminar. Transport modeling and performance predictions for burning plasmas in the SPARC tokamak“, Plasma Seminar at University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder (CO), April 23rd 2021.

IAP 2021, seminar. “The SPARC tokamak: towards a burning plasma in this decade“, Independent Activities Period, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge (MA), January 15th 2021.

UW 2020, seminar. Core transport model validation towards building the physics basis for the SPARC tokamak“, Plasma Physics Seminar at University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison (WI), October 5th 2020.

JPP 2020, seminar.Predictions of core plasma performance for the SPARC tokamak“, Journal of Plasma Physics, Frontiers of Plasma Physics Colloquium, October 1st 2020. (400+ attendees)

CUP 2020, invited article. Physics models predict ample margin to net fusion energy in the SPARC tokamak“, Cambridge University Press Core Blog, September 29th 2020.

FIE 2020, outreach talk. Frontiers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshop by MIT Sloan and Rafael Del Pino Foundation, Cambridge (MA), June 2020. (postponed due to COVID-19) 

USP 2020, seminar. “Heating by Cooling: perturbing fusion plasmas to predict performance of future reactors” Seminar at University of Sao Paulo, São Paulo (Brazil), March 2020. (postponed due to COVID-19) 

Del Favero 2019, signature talk.Heating by Cooling: perturbing fusion plasmas to predict SPARC performance“, Del Favero Prize Lecture at MIT Nuclear Science and Engineering, Cambridge (MA), December 2019.

SNE 2019, invited article, “Fusión en el MIT: el camino del campo magnético de alta intensidad“, Nuclear España, Sociedad Nuclear Española (2019).

PPPL 2019, seminar. “Integrated modeling and predict-first experiments of perturbative cold pulses in tokamak plasmas”, Magnetic Fusion Science Meeting at Princeton Plasma Physics Lab, Princeton (NJ), September 2019.

C4T 2019, outreach talk. “Fusion Energy at MIT: Smaller, Cheaper, Faster”, Call for Talent workshop by Universidad-Empresa and Rafael Del Pino Foundations, Cambridge (MA), June 2019.

FIE 2019, outreach talk.Fusion Energy at MIT: Smaller, Cheaper, Faster“, Frontiers of Innovation and Entrepreneurship workshop by MIT Sloan and Rafael Del Pino Foundation, Cambridge (MA), June 2019.

DIFFER 2018, seminar. “Validation of TGLF in steady-state and perturbative experiments”, Special Fusion Seminar at Dutch Institute of Fundamental Energy Research DIFFER, Eindhoven (Netherlands), August 2018.

DIII-D 2018, seminar. “Understanding Cold-Pulse Dynamics in Tokamak Plasmas Using Local Turbulent Transport Models”, DIII-D Friday Science Meeting, San Diego (CA), April 2018.

MIT 2018, signature talk.Integrated modeling simulations answer 20-year-old question in fusion research“, MIT NSE Graduate Research Expo, Cambridge (MA), March 2018.

JMSS 2017, outreach talk. “Fusion energy: promise, challenges and perspectives”, 2nd Joint Meeting of Spanish Scientists in US, Cambridge (MA), June 2017.