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Here I will add news articles and reports that I find interesting, as well as blog posts I have written on either my research or my personal projects.
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  • (Sept 8th 2021) Successful results from the Toroidal Field Model Coil (TFMC) MIT News
  • (Jul 6th 2021) This month our team working on SPARC physics has published two more articles on peer-review journals:
    – S.B. Ballinger et al., “Simulation of the SPARC plasma boundary with the UEDGE code“, Nuclear Fusion (2021).
    – N.T. Howard et al., “Gyrokinetic simulation of turbulence and transport in the SPARC tokamak“, Physics of Plasmas 28, 072502 (2021).
  • (Dec 1st 2020) I am absolutely thrilled to announce that I have been included  by Forbes in their 30 Under 30 list in Science for 2021! I am incredibly thankful to those that have made this possible. Fusion is becoming the new big thing in this decade and our work is being recognized.
  • (Oct 7th 2020) Following the release of the SPARC physics last week, our team has also published terrific results on new HTS cables, critical for the success of SPARC and the high-field path to fusion! Zachary S Hartwig et al 2020 Supercond. Sci. Technol. 33 11LT01
  • (Sep 29th 2020) We have released the status of the SPARC physics basis, all open access!
  • (Sep 25th 2020) IAEA has released a new tool to look at fusion devices around the world → IAEA FusDIS
  • (May 26th 2020) Commonwealth Fusion Systems raises $84M in its A2 round, bringing the total funding to more than $200M since its founding in 2018!

    PR Newswire → “CFS has grown significantly since its founding in 2018, with a program to develop high-temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets and design and build the world’s first net-energy-gain fusion system, called SPARC. Both are on schedule and below budget.”
    Bloomberg → “We’re entering the next phase,” Mumgaard said. “It’s time to put down some roots, get us all under one roof, and build some hardware for the future fusion business line.”

  • (May 20th 2020) The construction of the JT60-SA tokamak (the largest superconducting tokamak until ITER) was completed this month. First plasma expected in Fall 2020. Exciting times! Kudos to the Japanese and European teams involved in the project.

    Photos → JT-60SA Construction
    ITER News → Japan and Europe complete the assembly of JT-60SA

  • (Feb 8th 2020) Pictures from the construction of ITER are absolutely impressive. Looking at the size of their TF coils makes you have a better idea of how massive and complex ITER will be!

    ITER 2020, “Japan completes the first D-shaped coil of the ITER Tokamak”
    ITER 2020, “Progress in pictures 2019”

Blog Posts

Status of the SPARC physics basis

Release of the SPARC Physics Basis in the Journal of Plasma Physics and associated press releases.

TP3 construction and testing

Construction and testing of a micro FPV drone based on the TP3 optimized design.