In the Media

Personal interview (Mar 2021, Written Press):
“«Las aptitudes y formas de resolver problemas que se ganan en la universidad son primordiales»- Pablo Rodríguez”, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (in Spanish).

Personal interview (Feb 2021, Radio/Podcast):
“Afinando los sentidos: Pablo Rodríguez-Fernández, investigador del MIT”, Onda Cero (in Spanish).

Personal interview (Jan 2021, Written Press):
“Un científico madrileño en busca de la energía del futuro”, El Mundo (in Spanish).

Personal interview (Jan 2021, Radio/Podcast):
Ágora – “Fusión Nuclear”, Aragón Radio (in Spanish).

Fusion Outreach (Jan 2021, TV/Video):
“El sol artificial chino se pone en marcha” – Date un Vlog, YouTube (in Spanish).

Media coverage associated with my appointment as Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree (Dec 2020, Written Press):
– Main: “Pablo Rodriguez Fernandez”, Forbes 30 Under 30 2021 Science
– Follow-up articles: Forbes España (in Spanish), MIT Alumni News, PSFC News, NSE News.

Interview about the SPARC project (Oct 2020, Written Press):
“Pablo Rodríguez, investigador en el MIT: «Es posible tener una planta piloto de fusión nuclear en 15 años»”, 20minutos (in Spanish).

Media coverage associated with our release of the SPARC physics basis (Sep/Oct 2020):
– Main press: The New York Times, MIT NewsCambridge U. Press, Cambridge Press (Creely), Cambridge Press (Rodriguez-Fernandez), CFS, The Hill (Greenwald).
– Follow-up articles: The Washington Post, Daily Mail, UPI20minutos (in Spanish), Xataka (in Spanish), EuropaPress (in Spanish), Clarín (in Spanish), Popular Mechanics,, Futura (in French), Folha S. Paulo (in Portuguese), Wired (in Italian), WinFuture (in German), Live Science, ZME, InfoBae (in Spanish), …
– More info: Blog Post
– For fun: Defector
– TV mentions: KUSI, Stephen Colbert

Press releases associated with my Ph.D thesis work and ‘Del Favero’ prize (Nov 2019, Written Press):
– Main press: “Pablo Rodriguez-Fernandez resolves a fusion paradox to receive Del Favero Prize”, MIT News.
– Re-published by PSFC News and NSE News.
– Picked-up by ​
– Highlighted by DoE Office of Science homepage.

Fusion & MIT Outreach (Oct 2019, TV/Video):
“Madrileños por el Mundo – Boston”, Telemadrid (min: 24:30) (in Spanish).
– Featured as “Best moment”: Visitamos la Universidad de Harvard y el MIT (in Spanish).

Article about the ‘Young Engineer’ award (Jul 2018, Written Press):
“Elena Salgado, Miguel Holgado y Pablo Rodríguez reciben los premios alumni de la Escuela”, ETSII-UPM News (in Spanish)

Personal interview (May 2018, Radio/Podcast):
“Buenos Días Madrid”, Onda Madrid Radio, Indagando TV (in Spanish).

Fusion & MIT Outreach (May 2018, TV/Video):
El laboratorio del futuro, La Sexta (min: 12:40) (in Spanish).
– Featured as “Best moment”: ¿Lograremos crear un sol en la tierra? (in Spanish).

Personal Interview (Apr 2018, Written Press):
“De Vallecas al MIT: el ingeniero que ha demostrado una hipótesis de hace 20 años”, Xataka (in Spanish).
– Picked-up by ​​ETSII (in Spanish).

Press releases associated with my article in Physical Review Letters ( (Feb 2018, Written Press):
– Main press: “Integrated simulations answer 20-year-old question in fusion research”, MIT News
– Re-published by PSFC News and NSE News.
– Picked-up by ITER News and The Energy Collective.
– Follow-up articles in Spanish by Actualidad GadgetEuropaPress, Tribuna, Xataka, Heraldo, …

Short Mentions in Newsletters and Outreach

NSE News 2018, 2018 NSE Graduate Research Expo.

ETSII-UPM News 2017Fusion nuclear, su linea de investigación de doctorado en el MIT, Tres generaciones en el MIT.

MIT 2016, part of MIT Campaign for a Better World promotional video (1:08).

PSFC & MIT News 2016, Magnet races and neon sword, High-intensity fusion, Fusion outreach ignites in spring.

ETSII-UPM News 2016, Acto de Entrega de Diplomas.

ETSII-UPM News 2011, Un comienzo brillante.