FPV Quadcopters

Recently, I became interested in building small quadcopters for recreational purposes. In particular, first-person-view (FPV) racing drones.

It all started when I built my first drone. It was a 5” 4S quadcopter, able to carry a GoPro-like camera with a 3D-printed mount, and with low-latency video feed. If you are interested in getting into this hobby, I recommend the work by Oscar Liang and Joshua Bardwell. If you want to see what these custom-made quadcopters can do, check out the freestyle videos by Mr Steele and cinematic footage by Danny Mcgee and Johnny FPV.

Following the construction of the 5”, I became more interested in the “toothpick” class. In particular, those in the ~100g range, 2.5”-3” with 2S/3S input. These quadcopters are safer, allow indoor flying and are less of a disturbance in parks. With a proper camera and flight parameters, these can be as fun to fly as the 5”. This class was pioneered by KababFPV, and they are on the rise.

TP3 construction and testing

Construction and testing of a micro FPV drone based on the TP3 optimized design.